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There are many sources for information about the living wage on the internet. I've collected a few of the best here, as well as a some other sources of information.

-- ACORN provides the most complete resources for living wage activism on the web: the Living Wage Resource Center and the College Living Wage website.

-- Harvard's Progressive Student Labor Movement has a fantastastic site, with links illustrating the long history of the Harvard campaign.

-- The Economic Policy Institute and PERI provide some of the economic grounding for living wage campaigns. (Arguments and research against living wages (and minimum wages in general) can be found at the usual conservative institutes, including the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation.)

-- United Students Against Sweatshops is an active national student organization dedicated to increasing the power and welfare of low-wage workers and families. They have been involved in supporting numerous campaigns, including the Living Wage campaign.

-- Union Summer is an internship program for students and part-time organizers directed by the AFL-CIO. Many student activists and future organizers have participated in this program.

-- LabourStart is an excellent international news source for stories related to unions and workers' rights. It also sends out important action alerts and email campaigns.

-- Jobs with Justice is a large coalition made up of much smaller ones across the United States. The Rhode Island Jobs with Justice is directed by Matthew Jerzyk (interviewed here). Jobs with Justice also teamed together with the US Students Association to form Student-Labor Action Project (SLAP).

-- SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is the largest union within the AFL-CIO, and is often the union involved in or leading living wage campagins, on and off campus.

-- PR Watch is an outstanding watchdog of the confluence of public relations and politics. Both their books and their weekly newsletters are important, surprising, and often disturbing insights into contemporary politics. For an excellent article on Berman & Co., the PR group behind the anti-living wage institute Employment Policies Institute, see "Berman & Co.: 'Nonprofit' Hustlers for the Food & Booze Biz."

Living Wage Links: ACORN / Harvard PSLM / Economic Policy Institute / Jobs with Justice / United Students Against Sweatshops / LabourStart / PERI / United for a Fair Economy / SEIU

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