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Harvard University
Elaine Bernard
Dan Dimaggio
Madeleine Elfenbein
Lawrence Katz
Roona Ray & Amy Offner

Brown University
Peter Asen
Matthew Jerzyk (Jobs for Justice)
Nick Rutter
Anissa Weinraub

Swarthmore College
Sam Blair
Kae Kalwaic

Economic Policy Institute
Jared Bernstein

Jen Kern

Stanford University
Anna Mumford [to come]

Colorado College
Kai Stinchombe [to come]

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Page: Campaign Profile - Harvard University

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Harvard is home to one of most successful and longest running campus living wage campaigns. The Progressive Student Labor Movement's efforts established a "parity wage" university policy and a worker's center, and strengthened union presence on their campus. In addition, their campaign convinced many other student groups around the nation that campus living wage campaigns could succeed in changing in universities employment practices.

Elaine Bernard - director of the Harvard Trade Union Program
Dan Dimaggio - student activist
Madeline Elfenbein - student activist
Lawrence Katz - professor of economics
Roona Ray & Amy Offner - student activists

The Harvard Living Wage Campaign Portal: the site for the harvardliving wage campaign, and an excellent resource for information on their campaign.
"'Joe Hill " Goes to Harvard": an article from The Nation on the Harvard sit-in and campaign.
"Occupation": the website for a documentary film made about the harvard sit-in. Expensive to buy, but the online preview is definitely worth watching.
"Low-Paid Workers at Harvard": the final report of the Harvard Committee on Employment and Contracting Policies (HCEP), also known as the Katz Committee.

Other campus and organization profiles:
Brown University
Swarthmore College
Stanford University
Economic Policy Institute
ACORN (Association of Communities Organized for Reform Now)
Colorado College [coming]

Living Wage Links: ACORN / Harvard PSLM / Economic Policy Institute / Jobs for Justice / United Students Against Sweatshops / LabourStart / PERI / United for a Fair Economy

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